• HEALER'S ELDERBERRY HERBAL TEA | Organic Elderberry, Echinacea Root, Elder flower & Blackberry Leaves



    Artisan Handcrafted Organic Herbal Infusion

    A perfect cold fighting herbal blend with organic elderberry, blackberry leaves, echinacea root and elder flower. Easing the inflammation of the nose and mouth, this infusion also fights the onset of infection and relieves digestive disturbances. Enjoy hot or cold. Add raw honey or agave nectar to help coat and soothe a sore throat.    

    Always Naturally Caffeine Free ~

     Brewing Instructions 

    Boil water and steep 1/2 tbsp (depending on strength preference) of herbal tea in 8 oz. of hot water for 8-10 minutes or to taste. Enjoy warm with a spoonful of honey.

    Choose this quality, handcrafted herbal tea in two (2) size options:

                   Tea Sample: 1 loose serving

                   Loose Leaf: 1.5 oz. of premium loose leaf herbal tea - 30-35 servings

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    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. It is always encouraged to consult your physician before consuming any herbal supplements especially if pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, are on medications, etc.

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