• LAVENDER DRYER BAG | Chemical Free | Organic Lavender



    4" x 6" and has 1 cup of dried, organic lavender blossoms in a 

    100% cotton muslin bag with cotton string.


    Enjoy this environmentally savvy sachet in place of dryer sheets, tumbling with your clothing in the dryer for up to 35 loads. Unlike typical dryer sheets, these naturally chemical free, dried floral bags provide a divine and relaxing experience, every time you climb into your sheets. Combine these soothing, aromatherapy dryer sachets with any of our handcrafted, organic teas to make a grand and heartfelt gift, sure to express your appreciation for your friend or family member.

    To refresh ~ add a few drops of organic, lavender oil to the blossoms only. Placing oil on the muslin bag could cause oil transfer to your laundry. Be sure to completely close the sachet to avoid loose lavender blossoms in your dryer. Done in the dryer? Use a drawer sachet or compost used lavender blooms. The muslin bag is washable and reusable.

    Give the gift of clean, aromatic sheets and offer these as a parTEA favor at your next event! Message us for customization requests and bulk orders. Check out our other luxury herbal tea gifts for a wedding, baby or bridal shower, birthday or event here.