• ROYAL HIGHNESS BATH TEA | Goat's Milk ~ Epsom Salt



    Her Royal Highness Herbal Bath Tea blends organically homegrown Lavender and Chamomile Blossoms with Goat's Milk and Epsom Salts, to relax your senses and to soothe and heal dry, irritated skin. The Goat's Milk saturates and softens the skin, perfect for the dry winter season.

    Our luxury bath teas come in four options:

                   Single bath tea bag

                   Pack of 3 bath tea bags

                   4 serving reusable (refillable) glass jar with muslin bag (Extra shipping has been added to this item.)

                   6 serving refill tin tie bag (Extra shipping has been added to this item.)

    Fill a clean bathtub with preferred temperature of water. (Suggested temperature is warm~hot, to assist in deeply relaxing the muscles and aid in soothing the senses.) Submerge one bath tea bag in the water-filled tub and deeply inhale the calming aromas and unwind in the delicately gentle ingredients.

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