• The Queen's Collection | 3 Bags of Premium Herbal Tea ~ 1.5 oz | 3 oz |



    This collection combines three (3) kraft tin tie bags of our premium, hand-blended and organically homegrown herbal teas. 

    Choose three of our luxury, handcrafted infusions and enjoy them in 

    | 1.5 oz bags ~ about 120 loose leaf servings |

    |   3 oz bags ~ about 240 loose leaf servings  |

    Pair it with one of our beautiful, decorative, stainless steel mesh tea ball infusers! Check out our collection here and on our Etsy site.


    The King’s Charm Blend

    A wonderful blend of citrus and mint flavors, delicately enhanced with a hint of sweet with lemon balm, blackberry, spearmint and stevia leaves. This herbal blend aids in digestion and intestinal health, while also relieving anxiety and restlessness, promoting calm and peace. Enjoy hot or cold.

    The Healer’s Cold Fighting Blend

    A perfect cold fighting herbal blend with blackberry leaves, *echinacea root and *elder flower. Easing the inflammation of the nose and mouth, this herbal blend also fights the onset of infection and relieves digestive disturbances. Enjoy hot or cold. Add raw honey or agave nectar to help coat and soothe a sore throat.

    The Healer’s Immunity Blend

    An immune system boosting herbal blend with *echinacea root, lemongrass & spearmint leaves. This herbal blend eases digestive disturbances, while fighting infection and encouraging cell repair. Enjoy hot or cold and add raw honey or agave nectar to coat and soothe a sore throat. 

    The Jester’s Mint Blend

    An ideal combination of peppermint & spearmint leaves, aiding in symptoms of gastrointestinal and digestive disturbances. Enjoy hot or cold.

    The Queen’s Favorite Blend

    A citrus and floral combined herbal blend of lavender, lemon verbena and a delicate hint of stevia leaves. This herbal infusion aids in the relief of agitation and stress, as it calms the senses and eases tension from your mind and body. Enjoy hot or cold.

    The Queen Mother’s Blend

    A warming, earthy herbal blend of *orange peel, lemongrass, *ginger root, *sweet cinnamon chips and *clove. This herbal blend aids in upset stomach, easing morning and motion sickness, easing pain and inflammation, while promoting overall good health.

    The Sleepy Princess Blend

    A soothing bedtime herbal blend of lavender, chamomile, catnip and peppermint leaves. This herbal infusion alleviates restlessness and stress, soothing the mind and body into relaxation for a restful and peaceful sleep. Enjoy hot or cold. 

    The Royal Crown Blend

    A floral and earthy herbal blend of *cinnamon chips, *nettle, red raspberry leaves, *rose hips, *oat tops and spearmint leaves. This herbal infusion relieves pain and inflammation, while relieving symptoms of digestive disturbances and infection.

    The Midwife’s Touch Blend

    A female body supporting herbal blend with *nettle, red raspberry leaves, peppermint a perfect hint of sweet stevia leaves. This herbal infusion aids in the relief from painful or heavy menstrual periods, morning sickness and eases the pain and toils of labor and delivery. Enjoy hot or cold. 

    ( * = Certified Organic, Mountain Rose Herbs)     

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. It is always encouraged to consult your physician before consuming any herbal supplements especially if pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, are on medications, etc.

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